Friday, 16 September 2011

Thursday, 18 August 2011

It’s all about me..................

Assalammualaikum n halo u all know i’m BAZLAA AINA BINTI BAHARUDDIN a.k.a MAK (only available in uitm)....hehehe....Erm i’m from Raub,Pahang n also the older one in my i’m study in UiTM Jengka in Business Management course....i’m a Believable person, love to Assist, Zest in my life, easy to Laugh, Appreciate in everything, And a touchy person.........
Actually, friendship is something new that i have learn same goes with the others since i enter uitm..Mybe that’s bcause i have to stay away from my family so, if i have a hard time my friend will always help make me confident to face it..that’s why now i’m really understand and appreciate the value of friendship. There are a lot of thing i learn since my friend come from a different family background and if we come from our weekend holiday or sem break there’s a lot of thing that we really excited to share and this will make our friendship more closer, comfortable with each other, excited to know something new, and our day in Jengka more enjoyable...Hence, each time we have to try accept someone new in ourlife so that our next days will be more colourful and entertaining...
Mgt 300 is a new subject for me this sem..At first, i think this subject is about IT only and since i learn it two times a week, i think i have to change my first assumption..Now i really love to learn it because this subject is directly related to our daily life especially nowadays we have to do everything and it’s all related with IT..So i think this subject is really helpful and it’s really wasteful for those who doesn’t feel interested to learn that’s all about me and special thanks for MISS NORULHUDA BINTI TAJUDDIN that make me feel comfort in her class and excited to learn this subject...
i'm so sorry miss cause take a lot of time to make this post just bcause my e-mail......:)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

COMPETITORS : here we are

hye guys,are you familiar with competitors??

oh ya,just said yes.because they always around us.

competitors is good for us to develop more quality and attractive in our business.

I've found some blog that related to our business and here they are.

Enjoy it ;)

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p/s :You find their attractive,we fixed our service

The greatest man came to JENGKA

On 7th July 2011,our prime minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak has came to our that known as JENGKA or Bandar Tun Razak. This programme is held to tribute our 2nd prime minister,Tun Abdul Razak and to visit our malay people that brought many changes especially Jengka.Many people around Malaysia came to join this programme and enliven the whole Jengka.

Together we remember that day,that moment in our Uitm Pahang.Here are some pictures that we able to take for that,enjoy guys! Love bandar JENGKA!

This is when he just arrived with helicopter.
Our prime minister
Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak
'The greatest man'
Everyone is excited to meet him
That auntie is really excited to see him ;)
'Hari peneroka 2011'
Inaugurated by our prime minister
The whole Uitm members was very proud of our minister presence who willing to come here.To highlight that event,many media had come to broadcast all the event that occur in that day such RTM and TV3.All students are so excited that they can appeared in the television.(haha)

tv3 came to our Uitm ;)

rtm also came to join this event
p/s : I love JENGKA, I love Uitm