Sunday, 3 July 2011

Farhana Fatin, Friends and MGT 300

Assalamualaikum pretty lady and macho guys out there. Okay last thurday miss Huda told us to write about ourself individually so here we go :)

         the 5 things about Farhana Fatin Che Abdullah (FFCA) is

Big Dream
I Have Alot Of Attitude Folder 
Family Person

i learn many things in campus life especially friendship. At UITM i meet with a lot of people with their thousand of background and attitude but then it can't be the barrier for me to kamcing with them aite? so here the most beautiful and challenging time begin :)  with them i learn how to value the friendship passionately.The main  content in a good friendship  is loyalty, honesty,trust,patience and love. so with this 5 miracle ingredients my life become more and more meaningful ;)

lastly, i really do love MGT 300 subject because with this knowledge i can make my dreams come true.

and.. and good luck for upcoming test guys. 


note :  " the secret of living is giving " 

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